according to my timeline which is often flooded with updates from friends sharing/liking/commenting on posts by sinful sites (e.g. unbelievable facts--i too am guilty but it's pretty o.k. tbh, omg facts, and the likes), reeling into the area of hyper-reality usually involves ultradetailed pen/pencil close-up drawings of a human being, those of the liquid body of water, or recently, a piece of virtual painting of Morgan Freeman done entirely on iPad.

why not these? i would pass by the facades of japanese restaurants, often featuring similar works that unsurprisingly look realer and better than the food themselves (similar to those restaurant menu effect--in real life, they look nothing alike). the exaggerated suspension of the noodles in the air is my favorite part.

noodle sculptures by seung yul oh

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  1. Aih, love those noodles! Keep on good writing, dude ^^