As luck would have it...

The usual case is I need to give myself a good, comprehensive hug when the sale season lurches toward the end--for luck or the absence of it. It seems like if I stare at an item for too long, it wanders away. Or it hits the sale rack. Sometimes, like a lot of things in life, the timing is just never right. Or very perfect. Last black friday I had a pretty good score, the majority of which are still sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe with their tags intact. It's a relief to have something unworn at your disposal, just in case the rest of your wardrobe grows tired and weary.

I had been waiting for almost two good years for such a perfectly knife pleated skirt to come along (c/o love want magazine), only to find that I might have just blown out my one chance away. And these ankle boots? I don't even know how this got on sale. If you paid the screenshot a little extra attention, you would realize that I had visited Lulu's blog prior.

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