the f word (again)

How is it not hard to admit that you are involved/interested in fashion when in the process of your confession it's cakely easy to come across as obnoxious as this? When I used to work at a small fashion communications company, I would always answer any standard "what are you up to" question with: "Oh, I'm interning at this local PR company now." Would never mention anything about the F word until it seemed that the person possessed an unassuming nature intrinsically or had also been involved/was currently involved in the industry.

Because fashion often resurfaces as a shallow luxury at times. Ultra superficial. And then there's fashion blog by people who seem to take fashion a little too seriously. It invites questions eg "Do you have that much of a free time/Do you think the world is a public fitting room/Are you thirsty for attention/Y so dour about it" et cetera. The point that I think they are probably missing is that we know that it's shallow, and we are not being serious all the time. When people joke about fashion people making joke out of fashion and they don't get it, they start this generally one-way 'fashion people are hoity-toity snooty' comment thread. But F is fun, and like it or not: Clothing is part of our primary needs as a social being, like shelter and food (even if you are a nudistyou do your groceries in some form of clothing). One of the first questions you ask yourself in the morning: What am I going to wear today?

Still it's a justification that not everyone is going to feel the same toward. In the fashion blog game, you have to be ironic, funny, or very good at it. Or don't talk about it at all. I guess I fail at being any of those, but still I am going to proceed with my first ever conscious #ootd post anyway. That just shows that although any of the aforementioned qualities might have gone awol from me there's this unifying characteristic among people who mindfully 'blog' that keeps me going: shamelessness. And I'll try my best to cloud my original intention by having other things in this blog: Personal babbles, literary stuff, art/design, music, video/photography. But really, I think they just go hand in hand, at least for me.

I hope/do not hope this is the last time I deliberately try to explain myself to myself. I think people know themselves less than they thought they did. And although Thought Catalog is the new TV ("Ermm, sorry, I don't watch TV") and has a lot of Buzzfeed-esque headlines (with a fixed "x things to do before you turn x/x things to do before (insert any majoroften dreadedlife event here)" formula), but once in a while a facebook friend would share a link and I would still click on it and find stuff that is not that stinky, such as this:

And in the end, actually, whatever.

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