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(Diptyque Do Son EDT, The Fashion Club SS14)

Things that I am feeling like recently. I own a Do Son solid perfume from my recent trip because it's such a perfect small-sized solid perfume in a silently beautiful black compact case. However, I feel like it would be a waste if I don't have the sillage. Not necessarily loud but just present. When I went back to Singapore a counter lady recommended me to wear the EDP at home and bring the solid perfume for touch up if size is my concern, and it seems like a brilliant idea. Want the EDP version but the EDT bottle is a little prettier to put in here, so it's purely for aesthetic purpose. The scent is rather linear, musky but different, some people note that it's tuberose. I tried liking more 'complicated' smells like Philosykos but Do Son is my everyday jam so far. The thing about scent is that words would intrigue, but you shouldn't buy them. Any formula that sounds interesting is worth checking out in real life, and that time gap between reading reviews and buying the perfume is best spent finding out how the scent reacts to your chemistry. Ebay is always there with an ample selection of samples should click-n-buy be more of your thing.

I'm anything but refined and polished; still I enjoy this kind of fancy ideas. I'm perpetually amused by people who continually strive to make that one 'perfect shirt' or find that one 'perfect everyday black bag'. But therein lies the challenge, to keep making those perfect articles and to make people believe in that idea of 'investment' and 'timelessness', that they defy the norm of consumerism. This is not ironic, I actually view these ideas in a positive light. The Fashion Club's latest shirt collection seems to be capable of addressing both concerns from the consumers' and retailers' sides.

Probably it's a phase, but like I said before, I just dislike clutter now. There is, however, a difference between a clutter and an organized mess. My tendencies in dressing still belong to the latterI like working on colors and tricky coordination, it brings me good feelings. Although there are days where TFC white Tammy or Peter shirt would come handy, or when I feel like goth days are taking over me.

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