Fine, that word never exists. But here is why I felt coerced to use such a slinky term to kickstart this post with: Kobi Levi. So we've seen an aesthetical manifestation of a crazy ghoul in a pair of Tatehanas, or a bold effeminate spy agent vibe eddying around Chanel gun heels, or maybe those ultra futuristic-extraterrastrialistic shoes by Alexander Mcqueen. Well, of course 'will you wear it?' has been shot down straight dead as a mass question candidate. But these pairs would never scare a single blood cell in lady gaga, for the whole world has witnessed resignedly how she has triumphed over them without a rattle. And Kobi Levi shoes almost transform themselves into gloves as they fit too perfectly into this list.

If all the aforementioned shoes are made to satisfy, well, unconventional wearable aesthetic needs, Kobi Levi definitely takes it an inch further (no, not literally; the heels are of comprehensible height by any standard). His shoes do tickle and tick, always look practical without many unnecessary adornments, and yet are a rare sight to observe... Too simple to be sculpture shoes? Not aesthetic enough? (Where are the swarovskis and other blitzies, they say.) Unwearable? Turned out that it's not very easy to lay a hand on them, as people have to contact Kobi himself via his e-mail to place an order. And that just happened recently. Apparently he works in a very mysterious way. And so are his shoes.

I think Kobi Levi is among the few who actually treat his art objects as a canvas. Visit his blog here.