free snake

There is a way to look at a sea of pinks and not vomit, and that would be...

...Charlotte Free.

Having been a cult favorite among some big names like Jeremy Scott and Terry Richardson, she has obviously enjoyed some massive loving on the interneton tumblr, in particular. (For quite some time it seems like her sole purpose of existing is to inspire other teenage girls to dye their hair pink. No complaints over here.)

Mark Cobrasnake, on the other hand, has been known for his nightlife photographygalloping between continents from one party to another. But in this wildfox lookbook campaign he shows that he's got life too during the daytime. So when does he sleep? Only god knows. (Coming from a girl who grunts when she sleeps for only five hours.)

Now what do you get when you combine the two? Some seriously fun dose of kick-ass photography, of course.

Might not be the most groundbreaking editorial, but it's just unapologetically easy on the eyes. Like soft-porn or mint candycanes.

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