i don't have a favorite color

but i guess it's pretty obvious now which side i am slowly…picking.

and yet. still another pile of greens in my closet right now. this is just a single shade. it's seafoam in real life. but sometimes it looks green. i feel like i am now growing a forestor a garden, to sound neater...

i love eriin's rendition of introducing this fresh hue to wear with their diego's tears necklace. actually, i have a whole lot lovin reserved for the online store in general. seems like they're putting a lot into it; updating its dainty little blog, latching rather decent price tags to the products, throwing a kind giveaway contest, etc…wait. throwing a giveaway contest?

yeah, and it's pretty simple. all you have to do is click here, register as a member, and invite 5 other friends! and already you stand a chance to win a US$250 shopping voucher there. yum. and the contest is number-generator-based, so no hostile competition here. the store carries many local/regional local brands you could look forward to. for me, nikicio is still an ultimate favorite now. endless kudos for their last mixte collection!

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