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If you are suffering from an agonizing thirst for good music, arts, and design, make sure you make yourself available this 3 December 2011.
Because UpToTheSky Festival is surely going to let you off the hook with a holy matrimony of music, arts, and design—including seventeen regional and international powerful musical acts. The festival expects 2,000+ people to attend and will be held at Old School, Mount Sophia, from 1130am to 11pm on December 3. Tickets go for $70 for students and $95 for everyone else.

LAST MINUTE MIXTAPE…THAT SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR MIND if you haven't purchased your tickets yet. (HA!)

Negotiations with An Inner Voice - MUON
Irish Girl - The Trees & The Wild
Nothing to Fear - White Shoes & the Couples Company
Outside Looking In - MUON
Setengah Lima - Sore
Chandelier Searchlight - Deerhoof

The Great Glass City - They Will Kill Us All
Honeymoon on Ice - The Trees & The Wild
Now That I'm Real - Chad Valley
Big Bad Drummer - Zebra and Snake

This Wasted Heart - Tenderfist

I'm Unsatisfied - The Cambodian Space Project
Wrong Time Capsule - Deerhoof 
Sunday Memory Lane - White Shoes & the Couples Company

also, snippet of an article i wrote for diaspora magazine
the three main acts featured in my crappy collage are white shoes & the couple's company(!), deerhoof(!!), and the trees & the wild (!!!)
my favourite besides the main act…sore, MUON, and tenderfist.
full list of artists and some of their videos here
gonna be exxxxciting


  1. wow, i love ttatw and wsatcc, seen them several times and never got bored :)

  2. that's really true. they never get boring live…