"that awkward moment between your birth and death"

Vanilla Sky, 2001

i can't believe it took me 3 days just to finish this movie. it started out really sweet, our main character david aames being a well-groomed young man blessed with superfluous wealth; who is also an agreeable 'pleasure delayer', caught in a romantic flick with a latin dame. it was the middle part that had caused me such a delay...it suddenly took a turn and became a semi-suspense/semi-psychological thriller/semi-scifi movie. i decided to put it off until the next morning...and it turned out that i could only watch it the next night but didn't want to, so i just finished watching it this morning. it was not really overdone, but in the latter part it was a little too packed because the movie had to explain whether the chaos was due to a deformed mental state, an alternative dimension, a utopia, or something else. but overall it's a nice movie....with nice soundtrack, too (via a massive fan of spiritualized's ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space and sigur ros' svefn-g-englar)


i wonder if a montage of your life slices does really flash during the last few seconds of your existence in this palpable biosphere

if true, that would be one nice thing to look forward to

people, accidents, films, music, books, close friends that have influenced and moulded you
.....suddenly death doesn't sound as bloodcurdling

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