if your day is not depressing enough, perhaps you should try

the delgados - the light before we land
velveteen - firework special
andrew bird - don't be scared
sun kil moon - lost verses
coeur de pirate - corbeau
rilo kiley - execution of all things / does he love you
the perishers - nothing like you and i
mew - comforting sounds
やくしまるえつこ & 永井聖一 - the meeting place
broken social scene (feist's version) - lover's spit
death cab for cutie - underwater
copeland - control freak

i hate that being a girl means you often over-analyse everything. and being a 17yo girl who listens to depressing music means you have a furious aversion toward certain cliches.

i decided that i should surprise myself more often, because the world is getting more and more predictable

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