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Stranger Than Fiction, 2006

Harold Crick is just a regular taxman living his ordinary life, except that he's slightly more systematic than his peers. He counts his toothbrush strokes, he never misses a footstep when walking to the bus stop, he wears his tie in a specific manner to save more time, and he's excellent at mental multiplication. His life as an auditor can't be more organised, until one Wednesday, he has this imaginary voice inside his head, narrating his actions......each of them, plus his subconscious thoughts from a know-it-all, third person point of view.

It's a thing to know you're gonna die. It's another thing to know how you're gonna die.

The movie is not as gloomy as it seems though, it's a comedy actually... The thing I really like about this movie is how the characters eventually learn to make distinction between being grateful and complacent. A lot of people confuse the two nowadays.

I don't like the ending, and even if it had another possible ending I still wouldn't like it... (spoiler! I mean, even if Harold died in the end it would not be good enough because the way Karen Eiffel initially put his death in the outline was not spectacular in any kind of way. If Karen's novel eventually existed, I reckon I wouldn't bother to read it.)

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