Everyone now remembers the phenomenal dress Cate Blanchett wore to the red carpet, and Givenchy--the fashion house behind it. This season's collection is my instant favourite. Neon x pastel x neutral tones, structured drapes, swans-shaped fabric embedded on a see thru piece, pearls and feathers, fresh faces.... the video is such a gorgeous sight to see

Nice show they're putting there, eh? I'm a big fan of pastel/peach X gray/monochrome, and how they combined flowy chiffon + tough materials (eg leather) + round-cropped sweaters here. Very wearable too. Not a fan of those chunky lita boots tho.

Sort of weird how I'm never a skype person. I find it awkward talking to a talking screen. I think this webcam feature on my laptop has gone wasted ever since.... I've only used it for taking gay photos

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