went to swensens for a dessert date with ican and bening. (in the morning i'd had mr bean's rice balls, polar's eclair and chicken pie for breakfast....something happened to my sweet tooth) what i had there: two scoops of chocolate ice cream with marshmallow (didn't taste it at all?) and hot fudge (they're being way too economical with it) and some chocolate balls. worst dessert i'd had in a while. bening's choco brownie was not much better, ican's cookies-n-cream mudpie was the most decent among the three. should've gone for some frozen dairy goods instead...i would pick marvelous cream over swensens anytime

then we ventured down to the basement, shared eight bonchon wings dipped in some mayonnaise and thai style chilli sauce, (i'm always happy to witness people lose their bonchon virginity with me) swapped some music plus past concerts experiences, compared our groupie-nity bars and talked about a gamut of other things eg camera gears, knick knacks, school etc etc

(pic taken from bening's blog)

i somehow always find myself gravitate toward people who used to listen to weird music eg screamo/watch animes. either that, or people who write exquisitely/well/exquisitely well. they have nice (not necessarily likable, but very attractive to me) characters and agreeable personalities

i haven't finished vanilla sky, decided that it'll have to wait till the sunrise!

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