"Tumblr is weird."

I'm not saying this to provoke the Tumblr community or to bootlick bloggers. I just think Tumblr is possibly the weirdest popular social platform that's ever been made.

Facebook, Blogger, Deviantart, Twitter, MySpace to name a few are there as your platform, to show your own work or data or thoughts. Then came tumblr, which enables you to share things you love quickly without any hassle. It's now about taste, not your work. You don't care about the sources anymore, as long as they look pretty you go reblog things you've got no idea where on earth they come from. Lack of interaction occurs because you post those things at lightspeed and people spare no more time looking through and giving personal comments. (And yes, I miss people sharing their thoughts here, too.)

Perhaps it goes in a direct relationship with the way we live nowadays. We make things done easier. Faster. More efficient. Some of us don't know how to fold shirts properly. Some can't stop tapping fingers on their desks when the programme shows 'loading' on screen. Some scream easily "it's one hellish morning we had today".

The sentence is not only a hyperbole when you say it everyday. It's a symptom of normalising exaggeration. Our standards of suffering have plummeted badly that small things do bug and affect our everyday lives. People in the past enjoyed sending letters which would arrive a few weeks later, they did not poo and read TIME at the same time, they bought fruit and fabric from small stalls. All the inconvenience was something tolerable to them, if not enjoyable. Look at us now. Just look. We get cross so easily everyday. Moodswing is sometimes seen as something normal, an understandable excuse.

I can't see the point of saving time or being efficient anymore.


anyway, you like shoooezzz? let's not be gloomy, I'll make shoes posts soon. This pair is one of those that'll probably be worn and torn in my closet.

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