If it is never too late for something, why does a Discipline Master even exist? Why is punctuality such a big issue? Why regret?

Truth is, perhaps, the word 'late' is there because people really are. People invented, keep using that word because people die, which is by then, it'll be definitely too late for anything you haven't done.

People who say 'it is never too late for something' are only encouraging you, that you might get a better luck next time, that there might be a second chance, that—who knows—life sometimes rewards you with something sweet at the end. By that time, life is already wasted, and life is never something you have ever wanted. If you are always dependent on luck, go ahead, "lucky people always beat the smart ones." One thing to keep in mind, not all of us are that lucky, nor are we that smart to catch up with the lucky ones, though we often think we are. Yet fear not, people can always be hardworking, and it is not really bad, you know. Why do people look down at others who are working hard? They might not achieve the desired goals, but at least they are closer even only by a few millimeters despite being naturally disadvantaged.

When there's nothing else you can work out, be passionate. You might not be able to hit the jackpot like the lucky or smart ones often do, but as time goes by you are definitely catching up with them. So I hope I'll stop depending on my dumb luck and really start working tomorrow.

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