She's Dying

My name is Amy, I am eight and I have this looooong, boring black hair
I tell you, it REALLY is and the only reason I keep it is the fact that my mom loves it
And other relatives of mine, uncles, or aunties I've just met

They do pretty much, and will say "your hair glimmers wonderfully just like my husband's mercedes" or "I wish I could see stars in your hair, it would make the best starlight reserve in the world"
Come on, I hate getting in a car and I'm scared stiff of starry nights, either
How pathetic adults are!

Now I am ten
And I meet this cute neighbourhood friend
His name is Al
He becomes my best pal

He tells me that I have a good hair of black
But he doesn't like the colour it lacks
No, no, no
I feel like crying when he tells me so

So I dye my hair red
And he could see the sun shining bright
But he doesn't give me a sight
It lets me all the way down tonight

I try to dye my hair blue
So he could see the grandiose skies loom
But he finds instead a gloom
I lock myself alone in my room

I almost give up and turn bland
But my other friend tells me to dye it blond
So I do, but it's not fantastic
I turn my head and he goes ballistic

What does he want?
I can't understand a man's heart

I leave the town
But I am not grown, my heart is torn
So I come back
And he is waiting there and gives me a beck

He approaches me, and says, "I love your hair in black"

I really, really cannot understand what he wants
But I dye it back, anyway

Now I have my hair silvering
So I ask him whether it makes him shivering
But he says, "I love your hair in monochrome"
Hence I laugh like a vivacious worm

I really, really cannot conceive the way man's thinking


  1. i like your story :)

  2. Hey Floren :)
    Thank you very much, I just hope it is able to represent all woman's bewilderness towards man.

  3. well, can i link ur blog? i mean exchange.. :D i do really like to read ur story..

  4. this post describes the thing that fulfilled my head now manda ~_~ uuwww

  5. ihhhhhhhhh seneng deh dgrnya ca huauhua senasib nih kita