i scattered all the words cropping up in my mind; profanely, unorganised so that no one will see.

I let all the pictures in my mind leak out into words and ebbed away, as the breeze muffles around me, saying 'he's beautiful'

I responded quietly, 'yes, indeed.' but you dont know and I hated you the most for not seeing it. Boys stay as boys, you don't care a hoot, you see nothing in my eyes.

Neither can I accuse myself for not being able to tell you so, because girls are sensitive and proud and girls stay as girls.
How long will this persist? i wonder other girls out there dying the same way to say how much we need you.

You rekindled the light
You turned it off
You brought the sparks
Then you let it vanishing

You saw me drifting off to sleep, and I would love to when you are around, but I can't, so I just pretended to. I cant do nothing but counting how much air are left for me to breathe, how much space prevail there for me to move, how much time is left for me to do something.

To write
To be a bride
To stay
To get it away
To move
To show the proof
To dance
To shoot a glance

Please, say, say that you love me too, because girls can't revere you forever without being adored back.


  1. awhzeqk mand he loves you too (amin)

  2. ahahhahahahhahhahahahaa ngarebb sangaddh, amin deh hehehe

  3. i always admire your writings mandaaaaa uhuuuu plok plok plok (iri beribu iri)

  4. makasih sayang, hehe tapi tidak sebagus itu joega hahaha

  5. mendoakan hal yg sama dengan fidhyak, amiiiiin, hihihi