I miss

I can't say how much I miss sitting on neighbouring badminton field, surrounded by freshly brewed air and naturally saturated green green grass. I was laying there, roofed by magnificently grandiose black skies, with stars looming everywhere, wishing for one to fall down, then secretly whispered a wish, wait, two, or three? I can't remember and now I know it is veritably unimportant what I was wishing for, or whether it would come into reality. All that matters now is the feelings, the peace of mind, the sense of contentment I obtained that particular time. Now I realise, it is mainly those feelings that I miss, the atmosphere fusing with distinct scents of fresh air, the spotless mind filled with thousands wishes and hopes. And now I've been half-baked, partly grown up, I merely have the chance again to feel that again. I really, really miss my childhood.

(pictures of google)

Guess what? That makes me dream again. This is Tekapo, in New Zealand, the first and perhaps the only World Heritage Starlight Reserve in The World, though recognition may take at least a year from now. This place may will be the only place in the world where you can gaze into the crystal-clear sky, adorned with vividly rich and sparkling stars. The residences have committed to save more electricity and reduce risky habits that could cause more pollution. I was amazed by their commitment, about 830 of them who reside here. Star is the symbol of beauty, glory, absolute peace, and sweet childhood for me. I was lucky enough to be able to wit them when I was a child as now it gets more and more difficult to find them due to massive pollution.

I am really looking forward to pay a visit there, and I am determined that I will. I simply can't wait to spread my body over the grass, by the side of the famous Tekapo Lake, and try to touch the skies and reach the stars by lifting my bare hand into the air, like I used to do when I was young. This may sound like a dreamlike imagination, but this is not. It is not a dream, because it will become real. The world may grow tarnished as time goes by, but I want to show that there are things remain unchanged. This is, only one of them.


  1. what a beautiful pic..

    is it real?
    i mean, is there really such as an amazing place like in your pic?

    i really wanna go there!

  2. yeah definitely....very picturesque right? As if it was a cartoon or of fairytale : ) so do I, and who doesn't anyway? Must be very peaceful there....what an absolute happiness