God Is A Director

This is a story of a love triangle between
Cina (the boy), Annisa (the girl),
and Tuhan (God).

Cina and Annisa love God
and God loves them both
But Cina and Annisa cannot love each other
because they call God by different names

I haven't seen the movie yet, but reading the synopsis, this independent movie brings out religion issue and contrast the taboo topic in an objective way and not taking a side. This really interests me as the issue is really relevant to current situation back in Indonesia, or maybe to extent, the world. However, as far as I can see in the trailer the roles are not very well-played, which was a turn-off for me. I don't feel the girl was really into it hence the movie (or maybe it's just the trailer) otherwise the trailer would be more alive. There's no such impact like "wow" feeling surrounding me like other indie trailers though the concept is well-built and I believe so does the story. Having a "loud" concept, which I highly appreciate, this movie really should have "louder" actor(s) and actress(es) to make them alive. I have no idea about the movie, in fact I just watched the trailer. How do you think?

More about this movie, visit the official site here


  1. ihhh kek nya kerennn.
    pengen ntn.
    pilem indie ya ?

  2. iya, tp gak tau ada di sini apa enggak.....hahaha

  3. gue juga udah liat trailernya tuuuh aduh di indonesia diputer gak yaaa

  4. gue tau nih man,premiere nya di london yah kata temen gue gitu,iya ga sih?