Meet My Friends : Rayhan Arkinsha

Hey folks, now meet one of my awesome friends! He has a bigbang head, his getaway car is a cure, and he's always there when you need to talk about little and insignificant issue occurring to you while others will just ignore and piss you off. He takes pictures. He got talent. Can we have a big hand for Rayhan Arkinsha?

He is a tennis player

A bubble catcher kid.

Little lost fellow popping in your neighbour's yard.

A spotlight junkie.

One of those drunken madmen who always knock on your door begging for some pennies in the middle of the night.

A professional yoga practitioner.

A superstitious hunting bookworm.

Your pirvate koala.

He takes pictures of surroundings.

Sometimes his words are just as sharp as needles and blades.

But he's awesome and wonderful and funny and cool; playing instruments (kerincingan) while Ghina clapping and Suppo humming

An everyone's bestfriend.

And my coolest bestfriend, too :----)

Get know him better here and here


  1. Sweeeeeeet banget deh man! hehee oh iya si hanun sekarang lagi diet loooh hahahaha

  2. My bestfriend too!
    dan gue ngakak liat post ini man hahaha you made my day

  3. syandi : wow gak kebayang dia diet................ hahaha

  4. mauddy : hahahaha emang dia selalu bikin ngakak mod......that's made him our bestfriend and I miss him huhu ;'(

  5. aduh itu penjelasannya 'he's a tennis player' blabla itu ngakak bgt sumpah

  6. nghahahahahhuahhaa. niat dietnya sih gede, tp tetep aja akhirnya suka ga kuat, makan terus. ayo ngaku hanun, hahahaa.

  7. nanda : hahaha makasih nda
    anin : memang dia begitu nin, seperti balon
    hahan : meh

  8. Wow, a post for a friend, that's cool :D