Kim Peek reads at a phenomenal rate, a page that may take you or I three minutes will take Kim about 10 seconds. He reads the left page with his left eye and the right page with his right eye and will retain about 98% of it.

Brain has always been an issue, world has been seeking and trying to prove the existence of the most intelligent creature in the planet. There are people out there think that Kim Peek, The real rain man who inspired the making of a movie called Rain Man, is the cleverest human being ever discovered. Other nominated names claimed to be genius who are still alive (2009):

But the list above does not give me wonders. They could be genetically genius, or born genius, or had put much effort to their intelligence. I believe brain is just like a knife, figuratively, as you can make it sharper and more usable just by simply sharpening it frequently. And having more intelligence does not always equal more happiness right?

And these are myths about brain which gave me a big question mark. But still, facts are changing, science is moving forward so I do not know what will happen to these myths in future. It is just my current point of view, and sometimes I take the most sarcastic one, to emphasise my point.

1) Those who are left-handed have strong right brains and weak left brains.

Reasons why I hate it : I promise when I ever hear someone saying this crap again, I will be questioning, "Which century are you living in? Haven't you ever heard of the cerebellum?" (The cerebellum (Latin for little brain) is a region of the brain that plays an important role in the integration of sensory perception, coordination and motor control. To find out more about cerebellum, click here.) Much more specified, it is the old saying told us that left brain controls you right hand, and your right brain controls your left hand. I can say that, well, this is partly true because they do. But those who have ignored the existence of cerebellum which connects the right and left brain, beware sailor, you are in great danger of jumping into a careless and daft conclusion.

2) The bigger brain you have there, the cleverer you are.

Reasons why I hate it : I bet this old-fashioned thinking is only for those with very limited source of information and big hole in their logic. But I am relieved knowing that there are fewer and fewer people out there thinking this way, because we know to measure how clever you are it is more accurate to measure the complication in your brain. When we absorb new information, we gain new cell of dendrite and that's why, let's say, the more knowledgeable you are, the more folds you have inside your brain. (But i doubt you want to crack your coconut head, chop the top part, get your melting brain out and count the folds it has to figure out how intelligent you are.)

Once more, it is much more important to be happy than you have ever imagined, so do not give up your happiness for those brainy things.

Have a nice weekend, everyone! x

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