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Came across this random questionnaire for me and I decided to fill it in. Care to share and copy this on your own? :)

1. I've come to realize that my exs... are much particular about themselves

2. I am listening to...Gotta have You - The Weepies and Walking on Air - Kerli

3. I talk… less recently

4. I love ... being alive

5. My best friends...are there far away

6. I lost... scary amount of things but always found another thing later as replacement, for better or worse, depends on my point of view. Things are changing and lost and then found and you can't help it. Loses are not meant to be regretted. And what I mentioned things here are not just something real, you know what I meant.

7. I hate it when people... think they are the best or either the worst. Look, there are people who think they are superior by looking down to someone they think has less quality from their self-centered point of view, and there are people who think that they have greatest burden and problems in the whole wide world.... Now they are what we called a very narrow-minded people. And I hate them. Much, really.

8. Love is... not an as-easy-as-clapping-your-h
ands issue

9. Marriage is... a permanent issue

10. Somewhere, someone is thinking... about nothing. They must be.

11. I'll always be... changing

12. I have a crush on... a lot of guys, sorry. Is it really an issue? I have crushes on many guys but tend to fall in love, hm, let's see, so far just twice.

13. The last time I cried, I thought about ... someone doing something somewhere someday in the past and future

14. My cell phone... is unnecessarily crucial

15. When I wake up in the morning... I found I was still here.

16. Before I go to sleep at night... I pray for a better day

17. Right now I am thinking about... when and where to watch all my dvds and my friends' dvds

18. Babies are... growing up so fast, amazingly

19. I get on myspace.... rarely now

20. Today I... cut my nails.

21. Tonight I will... watch more documentaries and movies

22. Soon I will... finish my school and graduate and get a job I want with big wages and bonuses every month or run my own company then find love and build my dream home and have two gorgeous babies and die with wealth, happiness, and less regrets .......while heaven is waiting for my appearance ;p

23. I really want... an absolute peace, wealth and happiness, because I found wanting something leads to wanting another thing and then leads to a neverending chain of things you really want in your life. You just want it, but never need it in any sense. And you will never live your life fullest this way.

24. In my future I see ... I've explained it already.

25. The person who is most likely to repost this is... you

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