Please teacher, lessen our burden by reducing homeworks.

Poppy Cross (Sally Hawkins) lecturing her pupils. I want her as my teacher! :'3

Believe it or not, I do not watch movies. I don't read book, either. What I mean here is I don't watch enough movies, nor read enough books. I always stumble upon this and that title and plan the right time and precise place to watch or read them, take notes of the titles but never ever see them again. It is an irony, as I am really into these two brilliant stuff, pieces of handwork art. I found time management does not help at all, and I am desperate to find the cure. How can you manage to get these fun things done while you are haunted by a tough chain of assignments to be done and textbooks to be revised over and over again?

Really, I ever thought I was born with dead left brain. I write and eat with my right hand, does not mean I have viable amount of strength on my left brain. I am weak in my maths and most other subjects. I do not and never enjoy doing things which I initially don't like, or bore me to death, so forgive my grades. I believe life cannot be measured by these grades or those degrees, I know they play important roles, but hey, don't you ever think it feels amazing to earn your own happiness?

More about brains, which I think one of topics that should be discussed about, are below this post.

After all, I guess I've talked much about brain which I do not really care actually. The purpose of these writings is to keep us away from the stress caused by inability to cope with studies. I just watched Happy-Go-Lucky and came to realise the importance of being happy and keeping you stress away, away, and away. I want to say, despite your problems or burdens, and regardless of your mindsets, culture, or thinking, keep your positive mind on the right track, and Stay Happy :)

(This post is dedicated for you. I want you to think about the most positive side of your life. You are lucky, you are blessed. And you know exactly that we love you that much!)


  1. aaaaah i love her too :) ahahaha and reminds me of a quote "If you want to be happy, then be"

  2. whose quote is it mod? yepp she's the most lovely teacher ever lived!

  3. i want her as my teacher too.

  4. of courseeeee who does not? :)