hard talk: flip hop

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I mean, it's hard to not talk about these two things when it comes to So-Cal, right? I stayed in Berkeley for around two months recently, but spent more time in LA than in San Francisco somehow. Got my first legit flip flops ever from American Apparel in Venice Beach. They had the fluffiest rubber soles and the loveliest shade in a while--the toned down version of canary yellow, leaning toward the warmer side. I got horrible blisters from Swallow flip flops (threw them away after three hours of raw pain) and Stuart Weitzman blinged up rendition of flip flops (solved with walgreens gel pads), but these new plain bright babies are so free of fuss. I'm a convert.

It's weird that LA radios kept playing the same songs--I mean that's what radios do, but in this case it was always the same nine or ten songs back to back. Even the 'alt' station fell prey to this problem, but I know I did not trust its blatant station name in the first place. Perhaps it's weirder that we decided to listen to radio at all, but there were palm trees and pretty mansions and motels stuck a little bit down the sidewalk that made rap/hip-hop a little bit more than fantastic.

It's hard to talk about all these places at once. So much had been compressed into two mere months, it felt like forever and a nanosecond at the same time. It would only make sense if you see more #throwback posts coming in here. I'm not that big on traveling, until I really put my shoes on and head down to the airport. I guess I would fail being a successful traveling snob if I ever travel frequently, and I hope that it's a good thing.

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