blank slate

(Yes, this is twitter. And yes, you read it bottom-up.)

So this is how I stumbled upon myself. I don't know if it's good to be back; but so far coming home has been a positive experience for me. I no longer hold that strong affinity toward missing punctuation marks and absence of capital letters, but that should not mean that I am letting go of my previous writing. I still have love-hate relationship toward cliches and how true they have become; the way they unravel themselves. I guess with regard to writing, new and old people have changed their share of influence on me, and I am okay with that. If my good friend saw this he would've said, "You've again changed the direction of your writing." It has to do with these things I am doing now, I would say. And then he would understand.

I am trying to figure out how to hide all the previous posts on this blog, I have begun to hate clutter in many forms. Yes I am talking to youand I've tried Googlethank you.

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