"as soon as you stop wanting something you get it" is a simplified way to say that the only feasible coping mechanism to deal with loss, or with unattainable desire, is by governing your mind in another direction, rather than the opposite, rather than thinking it is no longer realizable or completely annihilating the aforementioned axiom; it is by simply disregarding your doubt as to whether it is really not happening, and by drawing some distance between you and that sliver of wistful prospect of it happening. the thing is to attune your mind to the most neutral frequency possible, and there is no shortcut to this... it is the state where you are aware and not aware of your desire, somewhere between your conscious and unconscious latitudes, it is an oddity of being there and not there after you feel tired of longing and not longing. people have been trying to work out some patterns, so have i, but it is always working underneath you. it is not exactly effortless, i would not call it so, but compared to the previous essential occurrences, and depending on how you look at it, i guess it really takes nothing and everything at the same time.


  1. very well-conveyed. i've been trying so hard to eradicate all this schmaltzy, unattainable desire to no avail. needless to say, your post gave me a new perspective. thank you.

    1. thank you for your comment, feel glad reading it, what it does to you