i'll protect you from all the things i've seen

wow, i honestly thought it was the official video...fits in a way that is not 'like a glove' but just fits; it tethers, drags your mind along...these imageries, in blue and red and green, stayed in my head for quite some time

i watched enter the void and in an interview, gaspar noe (the director) expressed that he avoided using the color blue because it is not associated with dreams (including nightmare if the statement attends to the film (of course it does)). here it is somewhere in between, maybe.

how many years has it been since i listened to alice practice, encased in a yellow folder that opened with an ancient click, along with other music recommended to me? i would play it on my windows media player and thought, jesus. who made this kind of music. i used to show my girl friends cc's video of 'crimewave' on youtube, and they would freeze and try to blurt out some almost inaudible idle chatter but really, no. their eyes gleamed each time a new light streamed off the screen, spilling out, locking their eyes in.

crystal castles is one of the bands i have been consistently listening to, albeit the needle's drop decent 4 bestowed upon this new album. it was when i still listened to all time low and new found glory and wrote hate post that sounded more like a reflection of mid-teen self disgust on a local pop punk band that went 'popular'. i was such an asshole, and i still am; but i bet some people could relate to it, because an ex girlfriend of the band's vocalist's assented to my sentiment, indicated by her comment on my blogpost. what a drama.

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