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all pictures by tommy ton on style

street style. oh how its splendor has often become a force more magnetic than the fashion week shows themselves. there has been a lot of talk circling this topic, how it has become so commercialized, brands-centric (oh look how chic my structured, neoprene-like balenciaga sweater is!), and reflective of today's trends (or one past season's trends, considering the shows that they're attending to 'dictate' what the current nowness is all about).

the man behind the sartorialist, scott schuman, stated that he refuses to take pictures of people who 'want to get shot', aka people who are dressed crazy. that would be very subjective as people whose dressing is more elaborate than others might do so for their personal pleasure, and those who are dressed down, calm and cool might in fact intentionally choose the specific get-up to attract the flock of camera-equipped folks (bloggers, photographers), a gesture which to some, translates into more than a mere 'hey! i like your shoes!'

however, i do agree with his point that some popular street style objects are often about brands. we do see a lot of velvet chanel boy bags (which i absolutely adore) and screaming rottweilers on black sweaters, which although do not have the word 'givenchy' tattooed across the fabric, we know where they come from. no objection here, people gotta live to their means. which is reflected as fairly, because some street style galleries are not dominated by these obvious must-have items anyway. i am completely guilty for indulging in these shots of slouchy dungarees, boyfriend jeans, and obama t-shirt paired with sparkly rose earrings.

fashionista also conducted an experiment on what attracts street-style photographers. i was thoroughly amused by the findings from the 'study'.

ps. first picture is of simone rocha's unmistakable 'floating' brogues. big fan

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