powder room

I certainly do not remember my childhood to be a monotone roll of suspiciously bright and vivid films, capturing me playing with my perfectly intact barbie dolls (they never were) or softest white rug which appeared to be nothing but pink, pink, pink--from the nude, the bright, to most of all, the fluffy ones. Nope. I did not know whether my mom chose on her own initiative to not know her first child's gender, or whether pink was not a popular choice amongst moms expecting a daughter. To imagine the last is not impossible, but difficult (we live in the world of immediate, society-constructed associations); and yet I cannot be bothered now to inquire my mom who is currently splaying her body on the black leather sofa as to whether she did know that she was impregnated with a tiny female being inside, 19 years ago.

And yet, history repeated itself. No all-blue case with my little brother, either, which I could vaguely remember was drenched top to bottom in sibling rivalry/jealousy. We lived in a small, typical, neat (or shall I say devoid of posh elaborate furnitures my mom took a fancy to during the infancy of her marriage years) middle-class confinement of pale, neutral colors to 'play safe'. That way I had easier time adapting to the colorful world, compared to those who lived in singular colored rooms, maybe. But I guess committing your life to little similarities, or even having such destiny decided by your parents does take a massive amount of effort. I hold the same respect, hats off, to all collectors of specific things--the narrower the differences between one item to another, the higher my salutation goes. We all could only marvel at the final collection without looking at the dedication behind it. Such forbearance, I think, if not a kind of some honorable trait found in a limited pool of human beings, almost always bears beautiful spectacle at the end.

So to all kids with this kind of commitment, ye shall be grateful. At least if you are one of these children whose rooms have witnessed the internet realm at such an early age. Beautiful photographs, all part of JeongMee Yoon's ongoing project aptly titled 'Pink and Blue Project' to represent it all.

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