wanting something badly in knowledge that even if an option of trading what has already been had for it was available the subject of desire would have low probability of being any happier eventually

distinguishing 'wants' from 'needs' is not the only task that requires special attention

wants can evolve, almost objectively, into needs and vice versa

wants generally have 'expiry date' in which they will be in 'neutral' state--its presence not undesirable yet just being not minded by its owner, a salt of abandonment before proceeding to 'unrecognized, gradual disappearance'/'intentional disposal'

when indulging in 'wants' one potentially becomes unaware of the limited interval offered by their 'expiry date' to the recency of nowness, the length of gap depletes at an alarming rate, decreasing at increasingly higher rate (to the power of two)

before finally it closes completely and vanishes like smoke or fog or smog depending on how one looks at it, if at all; otherwise it simply vanishes into transparency but not invisibility because the latter seems to possess authority and often qualify as a quality widely yearned for

everybody craves freedom
even choosing tyranny or totalitarianism sometimes requires freedom
but freedom can never be attained
wanting is the start of it all
and there is no end to it
at the end of wanting
is freedom

it is not dependency
it is just a gathered pool of blooded expired desires, = burgeoning guilt
and the new desires, disguising themselves as 'necessities', 'ways to freedom', etc
are ever-rejuvenating, regenerating
and no matter how fast you are swimming to the end of the line trying to press the stop button
the water will keep on coming
and you can never beat them
and you are drowning
in the shadows of what you think you are
or what you want to be

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