but stay / don't close your eyes

every year there would be songs that pierce through the air, there would be songs that when played, i do not mind like i do not mind silence, there would be songs that go straight to my 'important songs' playlist. the first is an expected, grown luster--and the second is magic waiting to happen. rhye is a duo whose identity is being withheld (temporarily, i figured, sooner or later the mask will be lifted like when i saw sbtrkt live without his physical mask and he refused to take pictures without it).

open's lyrics remind me of the morning benders' excuses, both almost equally beautiful in their arrangement--that kind of eroticism that transfixes layers and sheets of human (although i must argue rhye is much more straighforward in this case, just sweet without the additional sprinkles of efflorescing blossom, and it permeates the music & melody unlike excuses that stops at lyrics), e.g.

i'm a fool for the shake in your thighs
i'm a fool for the sound in your sighs

(i thought they are interchangeable and hence very flexible, you could play with the words--sound in your thighs and shake in your sighs)

i'm a fool for your belly

(singer seems to intend this line to roasted pork, discreetly (sorry i ruined it, but truthfully i like that it has to be belly and not anything else.))

its being on victoria's secret ad sort of bugged me but i have come to terms with it. at least i do not find myself having to associate the song with tropical beach because that was the last thing on my mind when i first listened to this song. i have high expectations for this duo. it's the most magical song in such a long while.

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