I seem unable to get over the magazine title being an extremely effective and just adorable hook to start off my reading. Honestly I just found out about its existence now, via a post linking editorials featuring another fav label of mine Stolen Girlfriends Club; before which I had a strange, but nevertheless not entirely baseless inkling that the magazine is based in Australia. (Just because I love Australian fashion too much and I love this editorial too much too, so? yeah, see the overlap there.) And voila, the magazine is based in Sydney (my favorite city down there--yet).

The editorials couldn't pop out at the more right time--I was just being sick of the sweeping flood of floral prints (though, as previously stated, I DO love some) and other hyperprints (which I am definitely a fan of, but just not now), Love Want magazine presented a vibe that just couldn't be easily beaten. I do not want prints anymore, I want something that I can feel. I want to be wrapped in slouchy leather, metallic foil, wool; I want to throw my sweater or my huge jacket, I want to wear cap and take out my converse and walk or play myself with fireworks around Sydney suburbs. You know. Things that never get old.



  1. That is so lovely. Send me an email bart@lovewantmagazine.com and I'll send you a copy XX

    1. that is very kind of you i shot you an e-mail hope you've received it, cheers xx