night and day

the stolen girlfriends club's 'garden' series is like the couch potato, less lofty version of mary katrantzou... (below, mary katrantzou spring 2012 rtw)


NOW ON SALE at sgc official website but still, forking out a few hundred dollars is out of option for an average unemployed  student who's just got her money down the drain for more-than-occasional affordable whatnots. let the more obsessed/resistant/financially capable ones handle these marvels. i'm all about sincerity. i could actually do some fast persuading on le mother for the silk pants but am in no mood to do so… a price to pay is expected, e.g study hard for this or less weekend fun, less concerts (although in reality it is very unlikely—fathers/mothers are often much kinder than the unbenevolent parental creatures in our minds)

so ok i say, let go

BUT HOW CAN I?? (of course i can.)

precaution on heavy stolen girlfriends club posts in the coming days….their cutouts and fun lace/sheer/other materials deserve more loving