1-6 were taken near my house, thanks to my generous, benign neighbors who happily (silently) lent (let) us (make use of) some space to roll around in their houses' front yards. karaoke videos were an attempt to recover and to 'jump back' to reality, a timeline that we had failed to keep track of until we woke up at january first

4 was taken at the lobby of a friend's apartment while waiting for a cab; BEST WAY TO SPEND NYE a not-so-party houseparty, just drinks and new/old friends and a toilet bowl that should feel grateful for beholding my vomit that night. could barely recall people beckoning 'a fresh start' with fireworks at the balcony, counting down, flailing around squalling their lungs out, sleet of wishes falling and rising and falling while i was slumping my head on the clean off-white toilet lid (was it really off-white or was it the light), half-smiling, my cheeks alternating every five seconds or so to lay themselves on the cold surface. she said that this is a "part of growing up" and i did not swallow it entirely because i 'coincidentally' threw up some of her words back down the sewer system. but the rest i cherished gleefully, 'thank you for everything', i guess we can have cake slices together some time, have a slightly more sober time.

5 was taken before NYE, at my house, waiting for avissaFIRST PRIORITY IN TOWNsupposedly  posing coolly with my semi backless dress and all

don't wanna jinx anything, just WELCOME 2012
hello blog, i hope you'll be good this year

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