(1) Can we have enough of Kiko Mizuhara? 
(2) Can we even say 'no' to her?

To some, it's hard. To some others, it's impossible. The rest would say, "don't even think about it".

Falling in love with her very instantly and very recently in the middle of 2011 via 'Norwegian Wood', she was the only reason why I bothered to stay for the movie until the end. A music video in which she sang and acted in further intensified this uber physical infatuation of mine.

But of course, I'm not asking everyone to agree with me. Some people have decided to say "yes" to the previous questions (1) and (2). Tagging her with "a Japanese model no tits, no ass, and weird lips," they tried to defend their stance or at least tried to provide an alternative perspective to the seemingly flawless attractiveness of Miss Kiko. A surge of comments put more effort to defend back and rebut these counter arguments, but as for me--I did not possess such intensity or perhaps blindness of love dedicated to Kiko Mizuhara yet. I am not going to deny their points, feel like their points are valid--her not that conventional beauty would divide the world into two, albeit unproportionally: those who love her and those who just don't understand what's in her a.k.a those who hate her. Although this post was born out of my love for her, it was also born to acknowledge the other indispensable opinion the rest of the world might be sharing.

I guess here beauty is just not a matter of whether 'you get it or not'. Kiko reminded me of a survey done a few months ago, which basically concluded that there are two types of beauty in general: the universal beauty and the extreme beauty. The universal ones generally received above-average rating (eg 7/10) for beauty, although very few people rated them as 'extremely beautiful' (9/10) and even fewer rated them as 'extremely ugly' (2/10). On the other hand, the extreme ones seemed to yield highly divided opinions; ie although majority still showed them extreme appreciation for their beauty (9/10), quite a considerable proportion voted them as 'extremely ugly' (2/10). I'd like to think that Kiko belongs to the second category: her unconventional beauty has invited a billow of strong counter-opinions inevitably. I remember that Megan Fox also belongs to the second category, according to the survey.

Her face that has appeared in almost innumerable international and national media indicated that she is still on the peak of her career. Perhaps it does take a certain dose of unconventionality to prevent public from getting bored of such overly frequent appearances.

Gratitude expressed to Kiko's spontaneous photo-taking hobby for the lovely instax results, and Nylon Japan for the last three photos. Digging the vibe

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