day #9: a chauffeur-driven dream, told us where to drop

i remember this place as what it used to be, despite several shifts here and there: new glass walls and doors, unlit skull candles, new books with yellow discount tags, and a warm carpeted dwelling upstairs that i never discovered before. (not in the photos)

what stayed, obviously, were books, picture books, novels, how-tos, children books (which could be found at the corner where rayhan and i used to sit together, legs folded scruntinising big bears telling different tales on different pages), little lenses, modern graphics and glistening photo papers.

i remember a lot of things happened here before, raging youth for example. i was glad that these people who were involved in such a gooey discussion with me still stayed dear, if not closer now more than ever. and the new friends i was spending time together with this time, had drawn their own territories too, decked closely with each other.

people are pleasant creatures if you know whom to spend your time with.


  1. oh wow i didn't realize you posted two cousins as weell!

    hehe (y)