day #2

i thought i was just going to curl under my old blanket and think about how new it felt that day, but then nadine came to my house, which was a pretty pleasant thing. we went into my room, had an exchange of words; the good old vocabulary we had been sharing for years. and then we set off to this ribs restaurant, leko, with avissa. later on, jj joined us and we had a very nice meal accompanied by a seemingly endless supply of laugh (on our own stupidity, mostly.) third plate, and it was not even enough! at night nadine stayed awake in my room, until past midnight, when i had dozed off for a few good hours. i loved her company even in my sleep.

THE FOOD - before

THE FOOD - after

SMASHED MUSHROOM - the best comfort food; i swear we kept salivating over three plates of this (and we would not actually refuse the fourth one.) it was very light, savoury and not excessively crunchy, i loved the sauce we dipped it into as well… there's nothing really extraordinary about these mushrooms, but they were just so good

SMASHED BEEF RIBS - i ordered the non-spicy one, yet as you could see, being partially immersed in the lake of chili sauce indeed it was still spicy, but i loved it. the meat was tender and flavourful. i tried nadine's (the spicy one) and ok, you've gotta have pretty tolerant tastebuds if you want to go for it. like the mushroom, there were no special flavours of exotic spices and herbs detected, but they cooked it goody good!

thirst quencher// ice tea and lime juice

Leko spesialis iga sapi penyet: APPROVED!

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