this is not a deja vu, if you have read the previous entry. i intentionally cut and pasted the pictures i took at k-ki and decided to make a short…review (hate to use that word) to go along with them. this i took into consideration because i remember writing a few times about k ki hoping to lay my hands on one of its delicacies…

mont blanc

nutty base, a whooping supply of whipped cream sprinkled with caster sugar to top it off. the non-overpowering, solid cream glides smoothly on your tongue…that is the highlight of the cake for me. balanced well with the base of much richer flavour and denser texture

cafe dumo

coffee-infused little dome, rather creamy instead of coffee-y. still goodie good, a neat little sweet treat

fromage melon
the freshest and coolest among the pack. comprises the lustrous cream cheese that fully cloaks the treasury rock melon inside…

little red riding hood

this is my personal favourite! like absolutely. velvety, glossy, polished, rich. from its outer layer fusing through its red-stained centre… chocolate chocolate chocolate of the richest, dark enough flavour. texture as smooth as always… silkiest exosphere that may look too fine and too dandy to mess with.

always finding myself coming back to this cafe because, the whole army is too hard to resist… and also it's a nice place to catch up with old friends and my sweet tooth.


  1. didn't take me to this place! next time a must yaaa!!

  2. hahahahaha iya maaf nandaaaaa pasti kubawa!!! :D

  3. how did you compensate your actual memory with taste memory?

  4. memory is never actual, otherwise it will be called fact :p