something good can work

i miss my short hair.

i want to let my hair grow, but i hate this phase when you have mid-length hair of some indeterminate style, looking messy ugly (instead of messy sexy)

the video was shot in last year's july. i might be some a-hole, pointing out how tdcc is sooo big right now and how that fact has partially accounted for my losing interest in them

like, people just like how fun they sound, and idk, it's some different kind of fun. to me it's become much less fun now. it's not about who discovers whom first but, how you enjoy them, the occasions, the people you share them with..

they used to be my most successful discovery, as it was hard to impress my ex back then (either he'd heard of the song/band or he didn't like it at all) #letstalkfrankhere

there are personal reasons like this why you choose to listen to some bands and why you don't. they may sound subjective, but sometimes your preference stretches beyond opinion and taste. it feels more real this way.

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