i think, the more you live, the more of each second you try to comprehend and soak up everything around you, the fuller of a person you'll be

i believe that everyone can act and pretend, as long as you gather enough materials, all sorts of experience

when they ask you to feel something, you just have to recall

you don't even have to wait for it to show because it's so...natural. it's in you, it's what makes you, and to your advantage it comes with such viscous lucidity

all sorts of pain and excitement, all these elements that can be chalked up to 'life'

you choose what kind of life you want yourself to be in, what kind of quiet adventure or fantasy ride you want to go through

you're the main character, you move your hand, twirl your finger by just thinking about it, it's so practical -- you never have to give audible commands to yourself

what do they call this, telekinesis?

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