Your Mom?

Lulu of Lulu and Your Mom.

She's the fashion blogger who states, "Clothes are just costumes."
Perhaps it's her frankness that first got me really into her. Plus, how she prevents her closet's size from expanding. She's never a shopaholic; she picks her stuff carefully, making sure they're something she really wants to wear. Then her way of dressing began to make more sense. I mean, I was never keen on plaid before....like not at all, perhaps because everyone was wearing it at the same time and it became sort of boring--you know, that red-black colour scheme, which you pair with ripped stockings and top off with chain necklaces.

But then her plaid shirt is nothing like the sort, it comes with neat army green colour scheme. It is even ombre actually, if you look at the bottom part (unseen in this picture). And how she pairs it with AA white skirt. Nixon gold watch. And blood red hair. I don't know, everything falls into its place in this picture.

And it has succesfully induced my midnight thirst for some bubble tea.

Anyways have you guys seen Adidas' ad featuring Justice's new track 'Civilization'?

Thoughts? I'm personally digging it. And it starts to feel like 2007 again--with The Strokes, Justice and Cut Copy back with a bang.

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