So I've got an interesting list of stuff Asian people like here, and although 80% of the stuff there aren't relevant to me, (Jay Chou, 'Aiya!', aging cookware(?), korean soap operas, dance dance revolution) some other points did really tickle the pants off me. And my personal favourite is this 101st point.

The article reads,

How many times have you been called “Too Asian”? What the heck does that mean? But hear it all the time.

“What are you bringing to the picnic?”

“Rice and salad rolls”

“That’s so Asian.”

“What are you listening too?”

“Jackie Cheung”

“Chinese ballads? You’re too Asian.”

“Where’s your dad”?

“He went to Future Shop to buy a digital camera that is 50% off.”

“Oh, he’s being Asian again.”

Oh, I feel this is so relevant and funny since a lot of Asians here (especially those going to international schools) are really fond of 'being Asian'....under an ironic context. It's "I know I'm Asian, and I'm aware of those things most Asians fancy, which I don't, but let me 'Asianize' myself" kind of thing. Meaning, we know they're uh, tacky, but we would voluntarily humble ourselves by doing them now. (that sounds like something hipsters would say about their obsessions with tacky things....)

However, this thing is more relevant to Asians in non-Asian countries. Or a proportion of Asians living in Asian countries who are more exposed to Western culture.

Now, examples?

1) Slanting your eyes as though they're not slanted enough
2) Making the infamous "peace" signs
3) In "purikura" photobooths
4) And lastly (and perhaps the worst of all), commenting "uh we're so azn" on the photos.

(And yeah, I did things number 2, 3, and 4 sometimes. Before I read the list.)

P.S This is nothing about being racist or anything, I just think some of you might appreciate the humour. I myself kind of feel the term 'Asians' is a tad misleading nowadays, it is sort of narrowing down to 'Most East Asians and some Southeast Asians'. (When do they ever consider Indonesians and Egyptians when talking about 'Purikura photos'?)