Life is too short without reunions.

Felt so good to re-unite with my favourite kids in town, albeit a very brief sesh it was. They're doing good--Rama is now well-occupied with his vocal group and Rayhan (who just had his birthday last November) seems to enjoy his campus activities very much. We only met for one night and had dinner out as a treat by Rayhan. Next, we ventured to the coffee shop chain near our school and had Irish Creme. (A very good, quick way of reminiscing high school it was) We then did an unplanned 'photo session' in Rama's flat using his camera. I felt like throwing my Nikki away because it couldn't outperform Rama's Canon 500D....

Some things have obviously changed, Rayhan has grown taller (he's always our monster) and uhm..skinnier. But other than that, we still had the same 'bolang' euphoria, discovering new places and stuff. The jokes were crisp still and the laughter we shared had always been genuine. They are very precious indeed.

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