Et deux par deux, on avale nos mots.

I like listening to music in foreign languages. Why? I firstly thought it is because they give different colours and thus diversify the gamut of tunes entering my ears. But I recently discovered that there's an additional reason for it. When I listen to music in other languages, I don't bother about the lyrics. We take it as what we think they mean. The piercing, fragile and shattering melody--it's more than enough. I am free to judge from the way it is played and sung, never mind if I misinterpret. And often, that's why there are many good, personal interpretations gushing out, more than those interpretations for the songs in languages we are familiar with.

There are just so many untranslatable things. Sometimes you could, decipher words correctly, but they're not the perfect fit. It's like recalling all the bookmarked events in your life. You can play back, you can then tell people how coincidental, how meaningful, how memorable the moments were and you'll still be the only one getting the exact 'feel'. It's just pointless to try elaborating them all. And don't you think, therefore, the moments have become your own personal treasure?

When you went for your dismal and disastrous first date, when you fell down your bike for the first time, when you tried to convince yourself you could be a great cook by baking cake for your crush (and s/he took a little more effort by convincing you that it did taste good), when you were coincidentally being in the same bus with your then-boy/girlfriend, when you put yourself and your friends into trouble for the sake of just having fun, when you thought you would never be able to find friends like what you had had but you eventually found better ones instead, when you didn't realise that the smallest things can be the most fatal.

Aren't memories the most beautiful thing in life?

C'est dure d'oublier ce que l'on connais et ce qui impr├Ęgne nos peaux.
It's hard to forget what you know and what impregnates your skin.

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