Ninette coming down to town a week ago, I guess it was the final stretch before my upcoming set of examinations...

Remember I promised you some short stories? Turned out I couldn't manage the time to finish them, I'm sorryyyy. This month onwards school is gonna be SUPER hectic, we're having our school preliminary exam now. I might have my parents confiscating my laptop and devices in future, so this is like...an early announcement. The actual exam is on October, which is next month, so maybe this blog is gonna be on a long hiatus....until it's really over.

I don't know what happened to my "befriended" bar on the right side of this blog, basically all your links are now missing from here. Would you mind dropping them back? For you who haven't had your blogs linked here too, it's fine if you wanna drop your addresses here. Just put them on the comment section/shoutbox bar. Thank you! :)

PS. Don't you think rock bands make the best melancholy songs?


Walking After You


  1. just popped into your blog, pretty nice :)
    just do the blog walking through moi blog if you have such time, http://wimpyjournal.blogpsot.com/

  2. love ur blog, check mine if u mind :)


  3. Love Porcelain. Don't forget The Strokes' I'll Try Anything Once.