another titleless piece.

  1. It must be the soapy opera cake. Because, what else can I say? You've heard enough.
  3. "Mom, can I be attached to some earthlings for a period of time? Only to kill this neck-crawling curiosity? Promise you I'll be back later."
  4. I love conquering twitter timeline in the morning. No one listens and minds with all craps from my thumbtips. Can I talk, can I just talk?
  5. Are u one of those selfish procrastinators who hate wakin up in the morning, but are afraid of fallin into a forever sleep? Let's butt-five.
  6. Did I make you realise? Or did you make me realise that you realised?
  7. Don't expect to gain smthing w/ one single bright idea crossin ur mind. Ppl need continuation. Ever wondered where all the onehitwonders go?
  8. To try explaining something intangible is somewhat foolish. But to let eyes do the talking is even worse. It ain't romantic at all.
  9. You can watch all the most phenomenal films or google those words caged in quotation marks. Nothing u'll find because I made them up myself.
  10. "Try combining the DNA strands in each chromosome of each cell in your body. Now I try spreading a single train of thoughts. I'll win."
  11. "Can you just sit down there and listen? If you can still say love afterwards and after words, I'm not gonna love anyone else."

i don't know what it might sound like to you, but i like the way i write and talk and express things when i feel alone in the sea of people. i'm not being wise, sarcastic, witty or humorous. i try being personal and honest on this social platform, because you want to write not only about what you've been saying, but what you've been thinking. there, i write and most people who REALLY read and ask are those i've never really known personally. and that gives me a peace of mind, sense of comfort and stability not only because they have no idea of who i actually am, but also because my words are in disguise. analogies are my favourite, they are one notch above comparisons and usually they are, unlike comparisons, written on a good note.
i like dialogues too for they can be in form of one-way or two-way communication. i can always be vague in expressing my thoughts (no one around is gonna complain) and they are always open to interpretation. i don't need people to understand in the first place, though it may be better if they do. i am also aware that they might interpret it in so many mind-boggling ways, but oh, i'm so okay with that. you can't stop people from judging. you can't say: "oh, you think you understand but actually you don't." and explaining what you actually meant, be it your pun or joke or just words, is cheesy as hell. no no no.

i don't know whether you're gonna trust this, but i talk to myself. a lot of times. under the shower, in front of mirror, above the sea, among group of strangers, staring at my hands, walking nonchalantly around familiar vicinity. my writing may suck big time, but i like conversing. my teacher once said i am a natural speaker, though i talk very little during the first few impressions. (don't we all amateurs are?) basically, i think, talking a lot isn't a very bad thing, though i know people who hate blabbermouths. you are given one mouth so you know you should utilise it as good as you can, for lips are not only for kissing, tongue is not always for licking and teeth are not only for biting, really. they are there for you to TALK. don't you hate the awkward silence suddenly protruding like concrete ice when you are having lunch together? don't you think you NEED to talk? of course, beside the starting part, good conversionalists know how to stop too.

oh, i almost forgot why i am writing in the first place. many things happened on twitter recently, those insignificant and banal tweets, on which i gave a long thought. they were brilliant but full of... Contradictions: which occur to myself too, a lot of times. i think it is healthier to have more varied thoughts and ideas in our society, than two extremes at two separate ends. if i may talk, i want to talk about the FPIs, Front Pembela Islam and Forum Pluralisme Indonesia. i'm not on either side, not because of my apathy or other factors, i just can't really agree with any of them. of course,
to support the first one will be out of question. the latter one may sound more sensible and wise in our modernised world, but no, not all of their values go along with mine. if they are really committed to tolerance, i'm sure they should be fine with that.

another thing to contemplate: these two quotes

1. mencegah lebih baik daripada mengobati. (prevention is better than medication)
2. it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.

is experience worth all the consequences? do you really have to go through those situations to understand and learn? is experience the BEST teacher? you know what, just because you are exposed to more knowledge and same situations happening repeatedly, does not mean you have learnt. there are a lot of donkeys who fall into the same hole more than twice, and chances are you are one of them. humans are really fond of contra(s).

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