I'm a high school lover, and you're my favourite flavour.

Not a hot news anymore but the last short trip to jakarta was, as usual, fun AND fun. So these are not very recent pictures, then. I know...

So what happened recently?
Attended Lasalle portfolio boot camp, a workshop designated for applicants with zero or scarce amount of training. It helped sharpening my seventh sense again, which has been dull for a few years staying in the harsh land of Singapore. I haven't thought about entering the college though, I'm still playing on the safe side--you know, graduate quickly with one or two degrees and look for some stable S-11 and build wicked reputation. I could pursue my passion in art after getting old, when there is no more work left to do. Parents proud, everyone happy. Oh, how thoughtful of you, Amanda. NOT.

Help. I don't know what I want. And sometimes I feel like the green glum gum here:


  1. kenapa sih man....I never get the chance to meet you when you're here huaaaah :'( PARAH GUE KANGEN SAMA LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. speechless ca gue november lagi baur balik lagi...udah pada kuliah huuuu :__(