17 pots of gold.

I stayed up until 0105. I love people sending wishes, words pouring in. They are good words, always. They detoxicate the bad in you, like the precious stone Jade. So I replied one, two, and three first messages. I was still up, in fact, when friends started sending me more via bbm and twitter. But I was too tired to reply, these petite scars between conjunctiva and sclera of my left eye had done me a great deal of perturbing concerns all the time. (I googled that. It is likely to be a light Subconjunctival Hemorrhage.) My fingertips were numb, I could not bargain. So off I went to sleep.

0550, I woke up with the slightest ray of sunlight peeking through the clear window. Dawn it was, I took a morning prayer subsequently. I checked my device once again and the number of unopened messages has burgeoned sweetly, like a blooming season. (frankly I do prefer messages to bbm or twitter when it comes to birthday greetings. seriously, 00/01 was the coolest era of technology.) After a thought or two, I reached the kitchen window for no reason. The sky was cotton pink, I swear, a splatter of the lightest shade of carnation pink atop the sea of floating blue. Subtle morning beauty.

I don't personally like being seventeen. Not because of the cliche "i dont wanna grow up" anymore (tho i still dont like the idea), but because it really sounds like a harsh reminder. Time flies, really--no, time launches vigorously like a bullet-shaped rocket, leaving the discharge and ashes behind on the ground. But hey, I like birthdays. I do, but sans the subsequent 364 days.

PS: In case you're wondering...yes, I removed my birthday from my facebook. Extremely effective, it has reduced a great number of people and unknowns spamming your wall just because they saw your name on their facebook birthday calendars. I just don't like the idea. I'd rather have belated birthday greetings than thousands of early ones informed by a mere social networking site. It's a sin, dalin.

So thank you for all the utterances, I'd love to reply one by one personally when this procrastinating creature inside of me has dozed off. To me, sending personal replies and greetings is like baking your home-made doughnuts. Nothing could really replace the very smell, the homey feeling. Spread the love. xx

photo: weheartit


  1. hey, although I don't know you personally, but it'll be nice to say happy sweet seventeen! Harsh reminder, oh yes, but I really think you should enjoy it. many people remember of your birthday, it means they care of you. have a great day! XD

  2. thank you very much! but i must say you are in a different case because you're one such lovely reader. thanks again :)