About originality

I've been thinking, that no matter how unique, out-of-place, or original your idea, your style, or your thinking is, there are other people doing and thinking about the exact same thing. With that in mind, do you feel safe because you're not alone? Or do you feel insecure because you could never stand out? Scared because others may yell madly at you, "COPYCAT!!!" and claim that you stole their ideas?

Having ideas, whether they are inspired under one's influence or just jutting out suddenly up from your head, is a gate to a myriad of opportunities. Don't waste them. MAKE USE OF THEM. Now. Because there are people who think the same, but do nothing about it, ignore and wave the gold away. Because others having the same ideas in the future may not figure out that you were earlier and claimed you are irresponsible for copying their minds. How shallow! Just because Lady Gaga seems fierce and fearless and weird and all-out, does not mean she's original. And it does not mean that Christina Aguilera is robbing her style. Or even comparing her with bjork. I'm not against any of the names mentioned above, I even love them but GOD. Discuss once, compare, but please understand that one person could never be solely original. It's normal. And when the news are spreading around like chickenpox, you know it's time to stop gossipping. Getting inspired is good, as long as you are not too immersed in one thing or else you deadly lose your other perspectives.

Sometimes people change not because they want to be ahead of others, not for being recognised or following the current, sometimes they change because it is what they really are. Pretentious are not people pretending to be cool, pretentious are people trying to look normal.

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