a trip through a blink

I can't find a word to say how much I love this book. THE CITIES BOOK of Lonely Planet. Found it on a bargain sale, I guess it's one of the most invaluable finds I'd ever lucky enough to have! The photographs provide picturesquely divine ambient, riveting every eye trapped in them. Consisting of 200 most vibrant, diverse, and hypnotic cities in the world, you feel like starting a journey through the best cities in the world.

Name it, London, Paris, NYC, Barcelona, all those big gigantic cities in this world got captured in pictures and words. Small cities where you can find some distinct peace of mind are also mindblowing, such as York, the holy Varanasi in India, effing Vienna, or the aesthetically artsy Florence. Every city got its own space for some introducing words and details, about the people, the food, the highlights, as if an easy guide for a short memorable stay there. How fascinating could it be?

But catching my hometown, Jakarta at the least bottom of the list, I'm a little bit disappointed. It didn't get what it deserves! Only one third of page with a tiny little picture of Sunda Kelapa harbour, merely enough for the vivid and rich Jakarta. Fyi, I have never been to that Sunda Kelapa. It's not the only possible appeal Jakarta's ever had. We have more albeit the world never knows. Blame the city's lame tourism? I guess it's been better recently but still has tonnes to improve the inadequate service and information. (I heard they're progressing now and currently constructing the MRT system of Jakarta. Any ideas?)

What can we do for our charming hometown?

......looking at my recent photos, seems that I'm now really into vibrant colors. Well, not sure but I love wearing this t-shirt and tights at home, capturing some of it from my lens, and experimenting some of it. Muaahahahaha

P.S As usual, more photos on my gallery here<3


  1. love those photos! love jakarta too<3

  2. the book seems interesting..

    do you know where can i buy that book?

  3. It really is!! The book's essential for those who want to 'see' the world yet perfect as just a fascinating coffee table book...heheh. I dont know where to purchase it, I found it in a bargain sale of the distributor at Singapore Expo.perhaps Kinokuniya has some stocks of it...good luck :)

  4. i found it!!!

    in Aksara Kemang!

    thank for telling such an amazing book! :)